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How To Get Started With CEX.io

In this post, I will show you how to get started with CEX.io

CEX.io is a trading platform where you can buy, sell, and trade over 80 cryptocurrencies with fiat payment options. 

It was established in the UK in 2013 as a cryptocurrency exchange and cloud mining platform. 

However, in 2015, CEX.io terminated its mining pool, focusing only on its cryptocurrency exchange platform.

How To Get Started With CEX.io

1. Signing up for an account with CEX.io 

  1. Visit https://cex.io/auth/login to begin the account creation process. 
  2. Fill in all relevant fields, supply your email and create a strong password.
  3. Accept CEX.io terms and conditions and proceed by clicking on ‘Create account.’
  4. Verify your email and phone number to begin using your CEX.io account. Alternatively, you can set up a 2FA verification to give your account an added security layer.

2. Verify your account 

  1. A successful registration places you on the ‘Intro’ verification level with an all-time deposit limit of $100, and a daily withdrawal limit of $100.
  2. Identity verification: This level of verification is needed to raise daily deposit limits to $3000, and withdrawal limits to $10,000. It also allows you to buy cryptocurrencies using debit or credit cards.
  3. You will need a valid international passport, driver’s license, or a government-issued ID card, and a social security number (for US residents only)
  4. Upload a front, and back photo of any of the above-listed documents with clear details
  5. Take a selfie shot of you holding your identity document.
  6. Provide other details including details of your identity document, your country of residence, name, gender, and date of birth.
  7. Identity verification: This level of verification increases your daily deposit limit to $10,000, and withdrawal limits to $50,000. It also gives you access to use bank transfers as deposit and withdrawal payment options. 

For this stage, you need to confirm your address of residence and connect your social media accounts to your CEX.io account. Documents accepted as proof of residents include utility bills, bank statement, or tax return not older than three months from the date of issue.

  1. Provide your residence address details on the ‘Residence address’ page. Details should be similar to the address on your utility bill or bank statement.
  2. Choose the type of document you want to upload. Examples include utility, bank statement, etc.
  3. Upload photos of your document by taking a snapshot of your document, or uploading a scanned copy.
  4. ‘Submit’ after completing necessary fields and uploading the required documents.
  5. Click ‘Next’ to connect at least one social media account to your CEX.io account.
  6. Wait for an approval or rejection message from CEX.io.
  1. Enhanced verification: This level gives you access to unlimited deposits and withdrawals. You also receive priority support from CEX.io.
  2. Corporate verification: this entitles you to trade with corporate or enterprise accounts. You enjoy unlimited transactions and customized terms and conditions.

3. Making payment

You can make payment deposit and withdrawals with any of the below payment options. For easy deposit and withdrawals, you can link your credit or debit card in CEX.io’s card manager section

  1. Credit or Debit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, etc.)
  2. Wire transfers (SEPA)
  3. Domestic bank transfer (ACH for residents in the US. Attracts no transaction fees)
  4. Skrill (for residents in the US and UK)

CEX.io Charges

You can choose to buy cryptocurrency from any of CEX.io’s services

  • Brokerage services for beginner traders. However, you will have to pay higher fees up to 7% as brokerage charges 
  • Cex.io trading platform for traders: this is a highly advanced platform with enhanced features for traders intending to trade cryptocurrency pairs. Charges incurred for buying cryptocurrencies is not more than 0.25%

Supported Cryptocurrencies

CEX.io supports up to 80 cryptocurrencies. However, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash and a few others are commonly used for transactions on CEX.io platform. 

Hope you can now get started with CEX.io?


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