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How To Get Bitcoin Back From Scammer

Did you lose some bitcoins to a scammer? Oh, that’s SAD… But let’s see how to get bitcoin back from a scammer. You may be lucky enough to recover your bitcoin a few days after reading this.

We discovered that the issue of bitcoin scams often comes from some bitcoin investment platforms. This is why one needs to be careful with bitcoin investment platforms that come with too many mouthwatering offers.

So, in a situation where you became a victim of a bitcoin scam, there are some steps to take to get your bitcoin back.

Aside from that, there are some measures to avoid falling for any bitcoin scam in the future.

So let’s dive into the purpose of this article.

How To Get Bitcoin Back From Scammer

When it comes to getting bitcoin back from a scammer, there are approaches you can apply that have been tested and confirmed working by so many people.

You can also apply them too.

So let’s begin with recovering your bitcoin after being scammed by a crypto investment platform.

How To Get Bitcoin Back From Scammer

How To Retrieve Stolen Bitcoin from a Crypto Investment Platform

Have you ever heard of www.climaxrecovery.com?

It is a legitimate platform dedicated to offering bitcoin scam recovery services.

It does this by utilizing a crypto chargeback feature that complies with all the necessary agencies worldwide. Meanwhile, an example of such agencies includes; the U.S Security and Exchange Commission (SEC.gov).

How is this chargeback done?

Cryptocurrency transactions are indeed anonymous, but the transactions can be tracked with Blockchain Technology.

The blockchain shows some necessary transaction details that will make the chargeback possible. Details like the transaction date and amount can be gotten on the blockchain.

This method is applicable when the scam happens through binary options, and forex trading, among others.

How To Retrieve Stolen Bitcoin from a Crypto Investment Platform

How To Get Your Bitcoin Back From Scammer With Climaxrecovery.com

Follow the steps below to get your bitcoin back from a scammer.

  1. Contact Climaxrecovery

Send a message request to info@climaxrecovery.com or message +1 909 248 4443 on Whatsapp. Meanwhile, some helpful information that will aid the recovery process are highlighted below;

  • Transaction Date.
  • Your crypto wallet address.
  • Receiver’s wallet address.
  • Amount of bitcoin scammed.
  • The payment platform involved in the transaction can be gotten.
  • Hashtag numbers are generated from the transaction.
  • Bitcoin recovery private keys (Not Compulsory)

Most of the information above can be gotten from the blockchain.

  1. Provide Necessary Information

This necessary information includes; the Name of the crypto investment company, bitcoin wallet addresses, bank details (if available), and the phone number of the scam company associate.

  1. Tell Your Story

Narrate how long you have been investing and the promised interest for investing. Also, provide a summary of your agreement with the company.

  1. Chose the Recovery Approach you Want

Which approach do you prefer – The Traditional or Ethical Hacking Approach. Let them know.

Contact Climaxrecovery

Platforms To Report Bitcoin Scams

Check out some online platforms where crypto scams can be reported below;

How To Get Bitcoin Back From Scammer Using A Bitcoin Recovery Expert

This method is recommended if your bitcoin was stolen through a hack, ransomware, and fake ICOs.

The bitcoin recovery expert can track your bitcoin transaction and apply the necessary technical process to recover your lost bitcoins from scammers or some shady investment scams.

It is one of the best ways to get bitcoin back from a scammer, whether from an individual or a fraud investment company.

You can go online to source for a trusted bitcoin recovery expert or, better still, ask your colleagues if they have anyone.

Signs Of Cryptocurrency Scams

Below are some signs to watch out for;


  • find an offer that promises to double your bitcoins within a limited period.
  • They promise free money or cryptocurrency.
  • They promise a big pay point.
  • The company makes claims that are not clear.

Signs Of Cryptocurrency Scams


Getting your back from a scammer is possible if the proper steps are taken.

So now that you know how to get your bitcoin back from a scammer, you should take action immediately.

Meanwhile, it would be best to share this piece with your colleagues who might find this very useful. Also, don’t forget to share your comment in the comment section below.

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