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How To Find Old Bitcoin Wallet

What happens after you have lost your old Bitcoin wallet? You go on google to search for ‘how to find old bitcoin wallet’ right?

Yes, it’s nice to have you on this page today. So, we will be addressing how to find your old bitcoin wallet. Ensure that you read this at the end.

Bitcoin requires a wallet just like your real money, but since Bitcoin is a digital form of currency and is a bunch of computer code, you need a specialized form of wallet to keep it safe from hackers and theft.

Bitcoin wallets come in many shapes and forms. Different people use different wallets at their convenience.

So in this article will help you get back your old Bitcoin wallet through various recovery options available.

Despite the number of security and technology features available to help users keep their Bitcoin safe, one study suggests that 3.78 million or a whopping 23% of all wallets have already been lost.

Now, let’s find out various recovery methods to make sure you can get your Bitcoin wallet back on time.

But do you know that;

How To Safeguard Your Bitcoin Wallet – Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Despite the variety of security features available within the wallet to safeguard your Bitcoin, you may still end up losing your old bitcoin wallet.

So, it is always better to take extra precautions in advance rather than stressing after losing it.

Therefore, some of the first precautionary measures that can be taken to ensure easy recovery are listed below;

  • Always backup your wallet.
  • Encrypt your wallet with a strong password.
  • Store wallet backups in multiple locations (USB drive, CD, paper wallet, private cloud, etc.).
  • Take regular backups when backing up a data file (such as wallet.dat).

Backing up your wallet can prove miraculous in case the hardware or software functionality is affected or even when you lose the real wallet.

Now that you know that backing up as an early precautionary measure is as necessary as getting your wallet back, let’s look at how to find your old bitcoin wallet.

How To Safeguard Your Bitcoin Wallet - Prevention Is Better Than Cure

How to Find Old Bitcoin Wallet

Check out the options available for you to find your old bitcoin wallet.

  1. Hardware Wallet Recovery (Using Seed Recovery Phrase)

Ledger Nano S and Trezor are some of the most popular and used hardware wallets.

At the time of setting it up, the wallet would generate a seed phrase, which could be a random number consisting of 12, 18, or 24 words.

You must have written it down and kept it in a safe and accessible place. All you need to do is to locate where you kept it.

This seed key can help you easily recover your old, stolen, or lost wallet on a new device, all you need to do is click on the “recover wallet” option and enter the generated key and your wallet will be restored.

Similarly, various software wallets also provide the seed phrase or a similar feature to help you recover your Bitcoin wallet in the event of a loss.

How to Find Old Bitcoin Wallet


  1. Core Wallet Recovery

Core wallets are the ones that are available on the core network. The core bitcoin wallet uses a file extension called “wallet.dat” to store your private keys and uses the data to match the Bitcoin stored in the wallet.

Different PC operating systems save the “wallet.dat” file in a different locations.

Once you can locate the file system on your computer, you can easily copy and save it to an external device such as an external hard drive.

However, it is recommended not to save the data on any cloud-based device as it is not secure.

You can use the backed-up wallet.dat file if you have lost your old central wallet.

Please note that whenever you decide to use the backup to overwrite the wallet.dat file, the old data will be erased as the main wallet has been designed to only work on one wallet.dat file at a time.

Core Wallet Recovery


I hope this helps you find your old bitcoin wallet back. Also, you should not hesitate to seek the help of pros in the tech field.

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