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5 Best Cryptocurrencies For Students To Trade In 2022

This post includes a list of the best cryptocurrencies for students to trade. There are many reasons why you might consider trading cryptocurrencies online today and it is one of the easiest methods to make extra money. You can start with as little as $200 and still have a bright future in this field.

Entering the crypto sphere is kind of tedious to beginner bettors and at times even pro bettors might find it difficult to stay abreast of these innovative technologies.

While there are several reasons why you’ll want to invest in crypto, it offers a great way to diversify your portfolio, mitigate losses and improve the tendency of holding your wealth.

Are you a student and looking for ways to make money? For students, it is never easy to deal with finances. Students are mostly known for their crazy lifestyle and unsteady income. Cryptocurrency trading is an interesting way to earn money and gain financial freedom.

Have you ever thought about how to invest your money? If the answer is yes then check out the best cryptocurrencies for students list.

Best Cryptocurrencies For Students

1. Bitcoin


Bitcoin is the forefather of crypto assets as was the first coin to have financial transactions on a centralized blockchain. Despite that the crypto was launched over 10 years ago (in 2009), it is still the first choice for previous and beginner investors and has a market capitalization of $763 billion.

It allows holders to perform transactions at minimal fees and doesn’t depend on third parties. The premise is that bitcoin was developed mainly to change the regular financial system and remove the need for government-assigned currencies by providing modern technology and sound parents systems.

2. Ethereum


ETH is an internationally centralized platform established in 2015 and powered by its native token, ether. Developed by a junior team and new developer community directed by Vitalik Buterin. The cryptocurrency changed the entire financial system.

The most remarkable investing idea of ETH is that you can benefit from smart contracts, centralized apps as well as several ERC-20 coins.

Actually, one of the major objectives of Ethereum is to come off as the leader of smart contracts and decentralized apps so as to allow holders to write their own applications without giving mind to censorship and fraud.

3. Tron

Tron best cryptocurrencies for students to trade

This is one of the top crypto assets, an especially great investment for blockchain fanatics. Funny enough, Tron was developed on the Ethereum platform by a Singaporean organization. In 2018, Tron bought BitTorrent thereby making a name in the crypto sphere and stood as a big competitor to ETH.

4. Litecoin


Litecoin was established in 2011 and is one of the pioneer cryptos of Bitcoin, clamored as the improved version of BTC. With that, LTC has many similarities to Bitcoin and allows transboundary payments without having to use third parties.

One thing that makes Litecoin similar to BTC is that LTC is a cryptocurrency that depends on proof-of-work with limited production. There can only be produced 84 million Litecoins, and for now, miners have uncovered 55 million.

5. NEO

best cryptocurrencies for students to trade

NEO formally known as Antshares is one of the best cryptocurrencies for students who can trade this year. It has enamored several investors from around Asia and was developed by computer programmers in China, Erik Zhang, and Da Hongfei.

The name NEO has Greek origins where it is known as new and shares many familiarities to Ethereum as it provides decentralized developers and a convenient platform. Though, in reality, crypto is much more active and can hold up to 10000 transactions in a second.

This is where you can also get real assets digitalized for greater liquidity. It’s not unsurprising that NEO is also seen as “a distributed network for the smart economy”.


Whether it be trading, investing, buying, or selling a cryptocurrency, there are a lot of elements that go into that decision. But there are many aspects to consider and to make sure you don’t lose money. This article revealed the best cryptocurrencies for students to trade.


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